Designer: Yohan Goh

ArtistAgsty Im

Year Published: 2016

Publisher: Albi, Broadway Toys LTD, Goliath B.V. , Happy Baobab, Kod Kod, Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd, ThinkFun

Story of Idea:

" Yohan Goh came up with the idea for Color Fold™ while serving in the army. Once when assigned to clean the dining hall, Yohan challenged himself to fold the cloths so only clean fabric remained on the bottom side. Throughout his service, Yohan thought about whether this folding mechanic could be fun in game play. After a year of developing the game, Yohan met with the Happy Baobab team while on vacation from the army. Together they transformed his idea into an intriguing fabric logic game! " -from Thinkfun


Puzzle version of Fold-it. More information:

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